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Final moments in FSJ [May. 2nd, 2007|11:15 pm]
Ok so this is my final night in Fort St John. I have come to realize a few things...

1)My friends in FSJ have no drive or ambition to do anything with their lives and that is what drove me to leave this town in the first place. I had just forgot how bad it actually is.
2)The drama vortex that is me, is not the cause of all drama and if i leave people to their own drama it is way less stressful for me and i feel alot better.
3)My sister is PREGNANT!!!! I am gonna be an UNCLE.
4)Fort St John is still a hole and i dont want to be back here for a long while.
5)Retaliation is a good thing in the right circumstances.
6)My mother has set up an arranged marriage and child bearer for me with my ex girlfriend.

I m looking foreward to being back in my element in a town that has ambition and homos. It is rather depressing sitting around and loosing 4 pounds doing nothing. It is cold, boring, and COLD...

It is time to go home...
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Day 2 [Apr. 28th, 2007|04:55 am]
So i have survived another day. Slept in and walked around town some more. My brothr was hit by a car today and the lady didnt stop. That was the first sign of Northern Life. Then i go to Boston Pizza with the family and i see so many people i know. Apparently they all missed me. Weird... after a nice chat with a few and a quick movie with Tiff it was off to Sarahs for alcohol. That was fun, the cops got called for nudity and loud noises. and we pretended like we knew nothing at all. Then it was off for more shinanigans around town. Lots of pictures and fun.
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Day 1 [Apr. 27th, 2007|01:21 am]
So for all those that know and for those that do not.... i went back home for a "Vacation". This is the test so see if i have really changed into the person that i wanted to be. But upon talking with someone, i realized that i really havnt changed that much as i still care what others think. So i m playing this game and being the person that i know i love. and so far there has been no drama. People dont even know who i m. So Day one is done and i walked around the town, realized it was grubby and dirty, thought..."what have i done" and then hung with Ty and Sarah... I was is a Fort St John bar doing Kareokee.... yeah omg dirty lol oh well thats life, time to move on.
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Finals [Apr. 23rd, 2007|10:57 am]
So i have finally finished all my finals and i m content.... although i have learned i need to stay away from MATH!!!! it is tres confusing for me.... know your weaknesses right. But i passed all my classes as far as i know so w00t.
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Wine Night [Apr. 18th, 2007|12:27 am]
So Ben, Joel, Dave, and I all got together and we downed a tacky bottle of wine, we then went on to consume a nice bottle of wine. Long story short night well spent. It is fun hanging around with the boys you learn so many things.... like this for instance.....

Thanks Dave for that one... i m still laughing about it.
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Hey I am still alive [Apr. 4th, 2007|12:46 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Ok so yeah i m still alive for all of you that read these and or care. alot of shit has happened that i m trying to make right in my head and stuff and a friend told me that this is a good place to vent so why not, ill go back to venting.

Ok so for starters... lets talk work. So yeah my job is handing out the lay off notices and i have another job lined up at mantao resort and an interview at the sandman on friday,6/2007. BURN SITEL BURN!!!!!! that is all i can say about that.

As for friends, i have been able to go out and meet people and hang with new people (thanks Ben!!). I m loving it, i m making new connections and sadly saying good bye to old friends. I m young and i m out to have some fun and enjoy it, if you dont like that then i m sorry but i m who i m and that is that. I have cut ties with some people and ties with others are withering away. and in a way it is a good thing, but in other ways it is sad. I was called stuck up and snobby and that hurt me more then i let on. Some asshole who i have only been nice to, judged me before knowing me and now i am being talked about behind my back and friends of mine i thought were trustworthy are not such good friends. Story of my life...

As for family... my family is all slowly finding out about the homosexuality thing, and so far no complaints (wait for the evil grandparent to find out...can you say exorsism!!) But yeah my parents and my bro will be in town this weekend and our house is a mess and falling apart. SO JOY!!!!

so this is a condenced version of my life and i m gonna start posting a little more i think. but yeah... i dont feel better... (emo moment)
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This is exciting [Feb. 19th, 2007|04:28 am]
Look at me:D


Are You HOT or NOT?

Right Now i am a 9.9 out of ten.... i m happy. Rate me a ten :D
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hey hey [Feb. 14th, 2007|02:40 pm]
So i was able to post more vids on Youtube. Take a peek and see what boredom can do:D. if u like it subscribe, call it my birthday gift.....

Thanks Guys
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YOU TUBE PERSONALITY [Jan. 31st, 2007|11:33 am]
i have posted my first vid on you tube. Go take a peek, subscribe, say hello, and tell your friends. It is ASKZACK and what you have to search is askzack then on the left side it says "search in" and click CHANNELS. It is the one with the black screen that says "RIGHT.....OK THEN" in green letters. GO LOOK:D
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2007|11:11 am]
look at me again

How well do you know classic Disney?
Disney Classic Crazy

WOAH! You know just about everything there is to know. You've probably even seen the Black Cauldron. Disney is amazing, be proud!

Take this test

And for all those wondering i actually own The Black Cauldron
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